Project management certification in Islamabad Pakistan

Project Management Certification in Pakistan can now be freely available to all residents not only of Islamabad but of the whole of Pakistan. Certification in Project Management Professional Practices is provided by with its BVOP Certified Project Manager program, which has gained wide popularity worldwide.

What advises BVOP all project management applicants for certification?

Get solid preparation for the BVOP exam through a focused study of the subject, accompanied by a number of preparatory tests and valuable group discussions.

Do a focused review of the content of The BVOP Ultimate Guide® to make sure you know all of the content being tested for the exam.

A real-life example, exam preparation questions, games, and official Measure Up preparation tests will test your theoretical knowledge to test your understanding of the material and identify areas where you need to deepen your preparation.

Throughout the course, you will receive a series of official Measure Up Exercise Tests, sample exam questions, case study and short games to help you prepare for the exam.

If you are a group of professionals preparing for the exam together, this training can be done in a closed group. Call us for a free consultation on how to get the most out of the closed group!

Frequently Asked Questions for Project Management Certification in Pakistan

Who is eligible for project management certification?

The training is appropriate for anyone preparing for the BVOP exam. You can be at any stage in your preparation. Best results are achieved if you have already begun preparing for and are planning to take the exam within 3 months of completing the course.

Are there prerequisites for training?

There are no fixed prerequisites for this training. However, it is advisable that you either attend the Project Management Foundation in Practice training or have already begun preparing for the BVOP exam.

Can training be personalized?

Yes! If there is a group with similar training needs, training can be personalized to cover them. These needs may be, for example, more practice in a particular field of knowledge, formulas or concepts; reviewing more exam questions or increasing discussion time on the practical application of BVOP concepts. Contact us to clarify your specific needs!

How can I register for the certification exam?

First, you really need to create an account on the platform.

If you want to take the BVOP exam, you must meet the exam requirements. Once you have been approved by PMI to take the certification exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for the exam. The email will contain the Eligibility code that you need when scheduling the exams.

You can choose the date and time you want online. All BVOP exams are conducted at Pearson VUE® Authorized Examination Centers, such as the Examination Center in Pakistan or at an address in Islamabad. Our schedule for this type of exam is open every Wednesday and Thursday.

The training center is located in Islamabad, Pakistan and was created to provide you with a modern, creative and highly effective learning process. You will have access to the various amenities needed to make you feel comfortable. In addition, you can combine your training with the certification exam in our test center.

The presented material and the information is agreed with the transparency requirements of PM.MBA with the mission of improvement of project management training, certification and education campaigns around the world.

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