Pakistan in 33rd Place of New Corruption Perception Index

According to the recent list published by Transparency International, Pakistan has been ranked in the 33rd most corrupted countries in the world which means the corruption in Pakistan is growing uncontrolled.

The rank of Pakistan in Corruption index

In the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of 2011 which was published by Transparency International, Pakistan was in 42nd place of most corrupted countries but in 2012 it has gone to 33rd place showing the corruption in Pakistan is increasing. According to the analyst, the new index has not surprised them.

According to the rule of law index of International Corporation Watchdog for 2012, out of 97 countries, Pakistan lies in the 7th most corrupted countries.

0 Pakistan in 33rd Place of New Corruption Perception Index

This Wednesday the chairman of Transparency International Pakistan (TIP), Advocate Sohail Muzaffar, told the media in Karachi that the corruption in Pakistan is on the rise. According to Muzaffar the rating was based on the cost of doing business, the rule of law, the judicial system, and the performance and integrity of Police.

Response on the Corruption Perception Index

According to Nasir Tufail who is a Karachi-based journalist, he was not surprised for the consideration of CPI that the Pakistan is one of the most corrupt countries. In addition he also added that, unless the Pakistani people do not have respect for the rules, Pakistan will go deeper and deeper in the corrupt on.

In addition Tufail has said that he was not surprised even after seeing the Pakistan in that mess. And according to him the main component flourishing corruption in Pakistan is the Military dictatorship.

One of the civil society activist and a researcher, Nizamuddin Nizamani, said that from the highest to the lowest level the corruption has trickled down and the corruption has made the state instructions dysfunctional. In addition, the government of Pakistan and state institutions has lost its trust from the people. And using corruption as the main power to get their things done the people survive in the system.

Tufail commented that it is very hard to a common man where corruption has become a norm and if corruption is not checked, no one can be stopped even if he is doing illegal things.

The huge number of educated people from cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Islamabad believe that corruption is the biggest obstacle for the progress. They think that politicians are the people who are responsible for this situation.

Private media and right-wing parties along with the lawyers are supporting the city centric anti-corruption movements.

General perception

According to the general perception of people, civilian politicians are the most corrupted ones in Pakistan. They have a perception that the judiciary and military are not much corrupted. They think that corruption can vanish only if the system is changed.

Nazish Brohi, a Pakistani social activist and researcher said that the anti-corruption movement which peoples have started in Pakistan is “undemocratic” and she also pointed out that other elements of the society should also be focused.

According to her the middle-class family of Pakistan wants a new system that can bypass bureaucracy and parliament.

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