Judge to be Barred from Holding Dual Nationality

Pakistan People’s Party has introduced a new amendment in the dual nationality bill, halting judges to hold dual nationality. During the service, none of the members of either lower judiciary or higher judiciary will be able to hold two or more than two nationalities.

Due to the dual nationality issue, several lawmakers are facing a suspension problem from their assembly. To amend the constitution the coalition lead by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would need the 2/3 majority.

Senator Faisal Raza Abidi who is the open critic of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and some other senators were absent on Wednesday which made the PPP who is leading the government to fail to table the bill in the parliament’s upper house.

The 22nd and 23rd amendments were also included by the government which states that the dual nationality should not be hold by the government officials having a grade above 20. And if they want it, then he has to leave the parliament within 90 days after declaring dual nationality.

In an ISPR press release, it was said that no one is allowed to have dual nationality. If anyone has a dual nationality then before joining the service he has to surrender his foreign nationality.

Fawad Choudhary said that an individual who is of foreign nationalities by birth, cannot surrender, can acquire the Pakistan’ nationality and hold the public office too.

According to MNA Syed Zafar Ali Shah of PML-N, the bar in the constitution is only for the parliament, there is no harm in disqualifying any, either a judge or a general person who holds dual nationality.

He said these were the most responsible offices through which important information flowed and if parliament felt that judges and generals with dual citizenship should also be barred from holding important public offices, necessary amendments to the law should be made.

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