5 Shocking Accidents in the US that Made Headlines

Thousands of accidents of all types happen every single day in the United States. However, only a few make headlines in newspapers across the country as well as on the internet. Here is a look at five shocking accidents that occurred in the United States.

1) NYC Car Crash Kills 5, Including 2 Children

On July, 2nd, an SUV smashed into a concrete column and overturned before catching fire, claiming the lives of three adult female passengers and two children. The driver of the vehicle along with another adult and child were hospitalized with serious injuries. The vehicle was traveling in Queens just after 3am when it hit the pillar after blowing through two red lights. Declared dead on the scene were three women, an 8-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. The chief of the New York Fire Department said that it was the single worst accident he had seen in his over 25-year career.

2) Video Captures Horrific Moment When Boat Crashes in Missouri

In late August, an on-board video camera captured the moment a fun day on the water turned into tragedy in a terrifying boating accident at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The seven passengers on board were taking part in a charity event boat race that had no speed limit. Among the seven people on board was a cameraman from a local TV station.

The camera operator’s videotaped footage shows the moment the speeding boat (estimated to be traveling at least 100 miles per hour) slammed into a wake which tossed the passengers back and forth across the vessel like rag dolls. All seven people on the boat were injured and taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of mild to serious injuries including bumps & bruises, a broken leg, ruptured neck disk, whiplash and a broken wrist. None of the passengers were wearing life jackets.

3) Four Killed While Riding in Parade in Midland, Texas

On November 15th in Midland, Texas a trailer carrying wounded US military veterans in a parade was hit by a train, killing four and leaving 17 others injured. The float was carrying wounded vets and their spouses when it was struck by the train at a marked railroad crossing. Some lucky riders were able to jump off before the train hit the float. Horrified spectators could do nothing but watch as the terrifying scene unfolded before their eyes. The driver of the semi truck pulling the float could not get out of the way of the speeding train because he had a vehicle just in front of him. He was not injured.

4) Texas Highway Pileup Involving Dozens of Cars Injures Many, Kills Two

On Thanksgiving day, two people died and scores more were injured when between 140 and 150 vehicles smashed into each other in thick fog in southeastern Texas in a freeway pileup. The chain reaction crash resulted in twisted vehicles all over the roadway while rescue personnel rushed to pull survivors from the wreckage. It was early morning when the multiple accidents took place about 75 miles east of Houston. One dozen of the 90 people taken to area hospitals sustained critical injuries.

5) Man and Young Son Killed When Their Motorcycle Hit Dump Truck in Massachusetts

South of Boston in Quincy, a father and his 8-year-old son were traveling on the man’s new motorcycle September 5th when it slammed into the passenger side door of a dump truck that was making a turn. Police officers who arrived on the scene tried to resuscitate the man and his son but to no avail. Both were pronounced dead when taken to area hospitals. It was found out later that the man did not have a driver’s license to operate the motorcycle but rather a permit that does not allow a driver to ride with a passenger.

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