Letter of Succession: Its Use and Effect on the People

How to Write a Formal Letter 300x225 Letter of Succession: Its Use and Effect on the PeopleSuccession basically refers to the act of following sequence in a hierarchy. Succession can be seen in different forms and in different aspects of the society whether it is in politics where one succeeds the office of the government after another and this process continues. It can be seen in the house of god in form of apostolic succession, in science in form of ecological succession and in many other forms. But today the letter of succession deals with the legal transfer of the movable and immovable assets like deposits in the bank, shares, certificates and bonds and the property. It is basically issued by the government or the financial institution.

What does this mean to the common people?

We can say that it is the primary document that provides authority to a person who obtains it, to represent the deceased and to inherit the assets of the deceased. Every country has different theories regarding the letter of succession but its basic principle is same irrespective of the country in which it is to be obtained. For e.g.: the succession act of Pakistan is dated back to the year 1925 and its rule is strictly followed in whole of the Pakistan. The letter of succession is issued by the court of competent jurisdiction which issues the letter to the owner of legal heirs regarding all the movable and immovable property. For this the concerned person needs to produce the death certificate of the deceased along with details of the assets and a nationalised identity card of the deceased. In Pakistan there is a provision of legal bonds to be submitted by the legal heirs in the court of law. There is no time limit for getting the succession certificate in Pakistan. A legal heir can get the certificate in 2-4 months depending there is no opposition from any person. Succession laws or succession letters in Pakistan is important in today’s aspect but there is a need of spreading awareness among the people.

Sample Letter of Succession Used in Pakistan

The district judge
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Date: 12th October 1956

I have received a report from Full name- MohdFaizal Khan Under section 83 of the Lahore act XXIII of 1925 Section XI of the Rawalpindi police act 1867 Age-67   that the person specified in the margin has died in Religion:   Town
Muslim Pathankot

In Rawalpindi, leaving property as per last address.

Scheduled here to annexed (appendix A).

(2) It appears to me that the deceased has died intestate and without known heirs, and that the property is likely, if sold by public auction, to realise more than 400 net proceeds. I have, therefore, the honour, under section 84 of the Rawalpindi police act, 1867, to request that you will take steps to deal with the property under the provision of section 10 of regulation VIII of 1827.

Schedule of intestate property,

1) Property dealt with under section 85 of the Rawalpindi police act, 1867

2) The information given in the papers before me regarding the deceased and the person, who may presumably be interested in the property,is summarized below.

3) I request that the usual proclamation may be posted at the following places, namely

Yours faithfully,


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Sample: Letter of Succession

Letter of Succession sample Letter of Succession: Its Use and Effect on the People