How to Hire a DUI Attorney

Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is extremely serious and should be handled with expertise. You may want to consider working with a Denver DUI attorney to make sure your case is handled fairly and you are on top of all the court dates and legal paperwork. Do not hire the first guy that you speak with, or even the second. It is smart to meet and interview at least three potential lawyers before determining which one you want to hire to represent you.

duilawyer How to Hire a DUI Attorney

Here are a few tips to help you hire a good DUI lawyer:

1. Ask good questions

It is likely that your main goal with hiring a Denver DUI attorney is that you would like to keep the charge off your permanent record. Ask the different lawyers you meet with how they can best help you achieve this goal. They should have a clear strategy to explain how they will accomplish this task, and if they do not, then meet with someone else.

You will also want to ask how many DUI cases they have defended and how many of those they have won. Ask them to explain their best strategies for helping their clients win their DUI cases.

2. Do a little research

Find out what the best Denver DUI attorneys charge in your area as well as what the lowest 5% charge. Although money is not everything when it comes to hiring a good lawyer, it might be best to consider working with an attorney who falls in the middle price range. More importantly than the cost is how well they will represent you, so if you decide to hire an expensive lawyer, make sure they have a great strategy to defend you.

3. Get a contract

Make sure you and the lawyer both sign a contract and that you clearly understand the terms of the agreement.  You will not want to be surprised with any additional fees at the end of the case, so talk to your lawyer about all the fees before signing.

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