Electronic Cigarettes – What Does the Law Say About it in UK?

The sale of electronic cigarettes for the first time was made in the year 2005 in UK and within a span of one year there were several owners of such in the country. An electronic cigarette, fake cigarette, is somewhat similar to the conventional smoking in the physical design of it and also with regard to the amount of nicotine released. It also goes by the name of e-cigarette, PV or personal vaporizer. It simulates the act of smoking tobacco with its electronic inhaler whose ability is to vaporize liquid solution into an aerosol mist. The merits and demerits of it are highly uncertain and subject to investigation among health organizers and researchers. They were initially invented to replace smoking, incorporated as a clean nicotine delivery system but its unregulated production would most likely inflict harm rather than doing any good.


electroniccigarette1 Electronic Cigarettes – What Does the Law Say About it in UK?

The Health Act, 2006, introduced the smoking ban in the UK with effect from 1st July, 2007. The electronic cigarettes were favored as they are not lit and they do not produce smoke and hence are exempt from the UK smoking ban. Therefore, the use of an electronic cigarette in UK in public places is very much legal and well accepted

There are various varying laws circulating, with pending legislations and progressive debates regarding controlling the sale and use of electronic cigarettes along with the complementary liquid solutions. The UK is the first and only country till date which has effectively and comprehensively regulated supply of e-cigarettes. The effectiveness of the regulation flows from the regulation of law and the enforced by an arm of government right down to the local level that is by the trading standards authorities. The sale of electronic cigarettes must conform to fifteen separate Acts.

THE ECITA – What is it all About?

ECITA or Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association was shaped to research and enforce all the related and approved regulations and limitations as established by law governing the sale of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are a consumer product, not containing tobacco. The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association aims to have a role in the future from within the industry, in providing self regulation to back up government regulators in making sure that the high standards set by its incessant, hard working efficient members are replicated across the world wide industries.

Looking over to the series of the significant activities of ECITA, there were analysis and tests every year and several times a year. Section 3 of Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, the industry standard of excellence, deals with the current regulatory requirements that are needed by the ECITA members to acquire legal compliance under existing EU Laws. Section 4 mentions the legal definitions of medicinal product and tobacco product in EU Laws and their effect on the classification of electronic cigarettes for regulation purposes. Section 5 deals with the scientific facts and monitors the tests and researches made there under. The ECITA (EU) Ltd. has improved standards across its member countries along with the non member countries and hopes to achieve further in the coming future.