Career Path Of A Corporate Law Attorney

paralegal career gsg 300x198 Career Path Of A Corporate Law AttorneyLegal advising at a growing corporation may seem to be excruciating for some, but the capacity holds immense opportunities to learn and carve your law career in the right direction. Working as a corporate lawyer comes with its own set of challenges and experiences, which can prove to be highly beneficial for a talented young law professional.

If you are thinking about the perks, benefits and future prospects associated with this career path, you have arrived at the right place! Read on to find out what it takes and what you can get through a career in corporate law:

The Basics of Corporate Law

To facilitate the legality of their various commercial and trade transactions, large business corporations hire corporate lawyers to stay at the top of the game. Corporate law attorneys are well aware of the governing laws of the state, and thus enable their client to practice their tasks and attain various business goals without exceeding or compromising the corporate rules and regulations set by the government.

In short, corporate law sums up the laws regarding tax, security, contracts, accounting, intellectual property and bankruptcy in a single entity, and corporate law attorneys provide their clients valuable insight and assistance regarding their business and finance.

Responsibilities of a Corporate Lawyer

In simple words, corporate lawyers are basically attorneys who serve the needs of large business entities that are termed as corporations. There are several responsibilities that a corporate lawyer’s shoulder, some of which include:

  • Managing the legal aspects of different contracts and petitions signed by the organization.
  • Dealing with the issuance of taxes and speculating the employee rights.
  • Conducting lawsuits in order to protect the business rights of their client.
  • Drafting research reports, conducting reviews and preparing necessary filing memoranda.
  • Manage mergers and acquisitions that the corporation takes up.
  • Ensure the legality of any commercial transactions.
  • Lead the dealings in case of bankruptcy and defend any legal claims made against the corporation.

How Can Corporate Law Benefit a Business Organization

The corporate law practice provides an organization a separate and unique legal identity that can not only help with the legal processes involved in its advancement but also in resolving disputes. Assertion of legal rights and creating a sound reputation for a growing organization is all in the hands of a corporate lawyer. A corporate law attorney also plays a major part in maintaining professional integrity of a large corporation in the rapidly growing business market.

Career Path and Eligibility

In order to work as a corporate lawyer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in law and then pass the pre-requisite bar exam. Additionally, it is helpful to take up courses that are relevant to corporate law, which include creditor’s rights, trial advocacy, insurance laws, commercial transactions and trade regulations.

A corporate lawyer may be hired full time by a corporation, or can also own an independent legal practice that can be approached by smaller business entities. The salary and earning graph for a corporate lawyer is quite sound as well, and may range from $70,000 to $130,000 annually.

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