4 Key Factors to Uncovering The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer!

Bankruptcy Lawyer 4 Key Factors to Uncovering The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer!It is tough to live in our current economy. Jobs are scarce, gas prices are rising, and work weeks are increasing. With the term “job security” now being pretty much obsolete for most professions more and more Americans are anxiously awaiting that letter or phone call that will let them know that they must endure another pay cut or, worse yet, that they are being let go.

“How are we supposed to pay our debts with less income or no income at all?” This, I feel, is the question that, sadly, too many people are asking themselves every single day. Well, there comes a point when enough is enough, and you must consider another alternative, and that alternative may just be bankruptcy. If you imagine bankruptcy to be this extremely difficult process, that’s not true for you anyway. If you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, then the process can be farily painless. If you decide to do this, then here are a few things to consider:

1) Know Who Your Lawyer Will Be

I really recommend going with a small, boutique law firm. The reason is that, from day one, you will know exactly who will be handling your case. It’s not that hiring a bigger firm is bad, but not only will you possibly end up having an amateur running your case, let’s face it the hired hand won’t work as hard as the business owner. Go with the one man shop!

2) Hire a Bankruptcy Specialist

If your bankruptcy lawyer also handles divorce cases, he or she may not be the best pick. Go with a lawyer who handles bankruptcies exclusively. These lawyers will more than likely be the most familiar with the changing bankruptcy laws and will carry the most experience regarding bankruptcies.

3) Know Your Options

If you didn’t know, there are multiple types of bankruptcies. Is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy right for you? What about a Chapter 13? Do your homework, and make sure that the lawyer you are considering expresses clearly the differences of each, so that you can best assess which option is right for you. Just so you know, Chapter 7 bankruptcy has to do with wiping out your unsecured debts completely while Chapter 13 bankruptcy operates more like a debt consolidation plan.

4) Read Up on Reviews

Don’t take their “reviews” at face value. Do your own independent research. You need unbiased, unfiltered reviews from third party sources like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau to get a raw, completely honest birds-eye view of what others have experienced from the lawyer you are considering.

Hopefully you have found this article helpful in guiding you in the right direction to finding the best bankruptcy lawyer for your financial needs.

Brandon Jones writes for a bankruptcy lawyer in los angeles.