10 Most Bizarre Workplace Accidents

Every year, dozens of people are injured as a result of accidents in the workplace. Some accidents are minor: a paper cut or a strained back as a result of lifting a heavy box. Others are more serious: a severed finger or a permanent disability. But in amongst all of the mundane accidents, there are always a few where you read the details and think, how on earth did that person manage to do THAT? So unless you want to be remembered by your colleagues for all the wrong reasons, try not to fall victim to any of these bizarre accidents in the workplace.

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Blown Up Like a Balloon

One poor worker in New Zealand had a lucky escape when he fell backwards on to a compressed air hose. The nozzle pierced the man’s buttock and pumped air his body, blowing him up like a giant balloon. He apparently thought he was going to explode. Indeed, the doctors who treated him were quite surprised that he didn’t.

Scalped by a Coat Hanger Machine

When 25-year-old Kelly Nield took a job at a coat hanger factory in 2009, she probably thought it would be a boring but safe job. However, little did she know just how dangerous pieces of mechanical equipment can sometimes be? Not long after Kelly started at the factory, she reached over a conveyor belt to free some hangers when her scarf (and then hair) became entangled in the machine. She lost a significant chunk of hair and was almost throttled. The company was later prosecuted for its poor health and safety.

Shot in the Back

An Essex builder was very lucky to escape serious injury when a nail gun accidentally fired a six-inch nail into his back. It’s hard to know how exactly why the nail gun went off, but the builder was working on a wooden staircase at the time and it is possible he leaned back on it. He ended up in hospital, but fortunately made a quick recovery from his impromptu impaling.

Beware the Wood Chipper

Wood chipping machines are incredibly dangerous and require workers to adhere to strict safety protocols. Clearly, given the nature of the device, using your arm to push something into the machine is a risky business. So when a council worker in Durham decided to use his hand to shove a few branches further into a wood-chipping machine, you can probably guess happened next. Yes, his glove got caught up, followed shortly after by his arm. Since wood chippers do a very fine job, there wasn’t much left for the surgeons to work with and he ended up with one arm instead of two.


Building sites can be incredibly dangerous places, which is why following health and safety procedure is very important. Sadly, even this can’t prevent freak accidents from happening if you happen to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. A Chinese builder ended up with a metal pole through his head when it fell from a great height and went straight through the back of his skull. Luckily he survived.

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