Hand Held Metal Detectors – Why are They So Useful

 Hand Held Metal Detectors   Why are They So UsefulA metal detector is a useful device that is used to detect presence of metals or its components that may or may not be visible to naked eyes. For security reasons, the use of metal detectors has a huge significance. With the increase in the number of crimes all over the world, it is quite necessary to safeguard public places and important buildings from unknown invaders. At airports, railway stations, night clubs, jail, schools, important institutions and organizations, the use of detectors is common.

How does a Hand Held Metal Detector work?

The whole working principle for a metal detector is very much based on the 3 coil design. It uses an amplitude modulator transmitting coil which is surrounded by two receiving coils on the sides of the transmitter. Design and configuration of these coils are such that they can detect small metal parts of even width 1mm or less. The coils are configured in such a way that the product to be tested can pass through the coil. For this, an opening is provided that allows product the entry and leave via 3 coil design. When a metal product passes through the opening, a disturbance is created which sends out small electrical signals. These signals are amplified through other electronic system. The same principal is utilized when metal detectors are designed for security purpose.

The security metal detectors come in variety of shapes and size. The GARRETT THD is used by military and security guards which is just about the length of a pen and has an outer diameter of about 1 inch. It provides the same service and sensitivity to metal in a more compact and small size. However when one needs to keep a security check on a large group of people, the traditional hand held metal detectors are most useful.

What kind of metal detector to choose?

While choosing which detector can assure the best safeguard against intruders, it is important to analyze the volume of people that are to be screened. Pick up a security device which suits to the population that you will be handling. If the crowd gathering is large, such as at railway stations or malls, it is recommended to install a walk through metal detector. When the need is smaller, individuals can be personally checked through hand held metal detectors. By moving the wand of hand held metal detector close to the body under security check, one can accurately find source of metal that may be present on or inside the person’s body. When the device moves over the suspected area, it will automatically generate an annoying alarm that confirms the presence of metal part.

However, these devices do not have the required logic to differentiate between a weapon and any metal piece. It is the responsibility of the operator to decide whether the alarm was set on because of some random metal or due to a suspicious object. Hand held metal detector can be seen in use commonly at the airports, where it allows the security staff members to accurately scan the body of each passenger and ensure the safety of each individual. If you are looking for some really good hand held metal detector, you can visit this website.